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kazufumi ooze_translantau


An iconic course on the largest island of Hong Kong.

Race Category


Running Stones


Finals Access


97 KM

Elevation Gain

4800 M+

Start Date

Saturday 9th November 2024

Race Start

Mui Wo - 09:00

Max Allowed Race Time

32 Hours

Explore the trails traversing Lantau island.

TransLantau100 by UTMB® traverses 97km of Lantau Island's most picturesque trails, offering a cumulative elevation gain of 4,800 meters. This challenging trail running event requires diligent training to complete the entire route within a 32-hour timeframe. Featuring steep ascents and descents, including the formidable Lantau Peak reaching 934m, participants will face a rigorous and rewarding journey.

The race operates on a semi-self-sufficient basis, with 9 refreshment stations strategically positioned along the route. To register for TransLantau100 by UTMB®, a valid UTMB Index of 20km or above is required.


Aid Stations


Max Altitude

Mandatory Gear

Athletes must carry the mandatory gear at all times during the race. You should be prepared for random checks on the course, and if you are missing any item you will receive a time penalty and may not be allowed to continue the race.

🎒 Running backpack or similar to carry the mandatory equipment.

💦 WATER MIN. 1L Bottle or bladder

🥜 FOOD RESERVE recommendation: 800kcal (e.g., 2 gels+2 energy bars of 65g each)

🔦 TWO HEADLAMPS with replacement batteries

📱 MOBILE PHONE: numbers of organizer and emergency are printed on your race bib



🥤 PERSONAL CUP & BOWL (For hot soup & noodle)


❄️ SURVIVAL BLANKET recommended 1.3 x 2m

🤕 ADHESIVE ELASTIC BAND for strapping, min. 80cm x 2cm

💰 CASH (MIN. HK$200) for public bus or taxi in case of withdraw. Octopus card is recommended

NOTE: Hiking poles. If you decide to use poles, you must keep them throughout the whole race. It is not allowed to start without poles and recover them up along the way.

Support Crew

Support is allowed only at the tolerated checkpoints. No pacer allowed.

Most checkpoints have a public transport access:

🎯 T3/T10 Pak Kung Au. Regular buses from/to Tung Chung or Mui Wo.

🎯 T4/T8 Ngong Ping. Easy access by bus from Mui Wo (Bus#2, not frequent), Tung Chung (Bus#23, every 30min in daytime), Tai O (Bus#21, not frequent), then 5min walk.

🎯 T5 Kau Ling Chung - assistance not permitted

🎯 T6 Tai O Fat Ho College. Bus from Mui Wo (Bus#1) or Tung Chung (Bus#11).

🎯 T7 Sham Wut - assistance not permitted

🎯 T11 Pak Mong - assistance not permitted

🎯 T12 Discovery Bay International School. Access by bus from Tung Chung (DB01R) or Sunny Bay (DB03R)

Most checkpoints have a public transport access:
Dogs and Buffalos

Dogs and Buffalos

There are three locations you need to be aware of the village dogs 🐕 that could show an aggressive behaviour within their territory, especially at night.

  1. Ngong Ping
  2. Tai O village
  3. Shum Wut


  1. Do not run but hike in presence of a barking dog
  2. Hold a water bottle, if the dog gets too close, you may splash the water on the dog to scare it
  3. Hold your trekking pole

Water buffalos 🐃 are protected animals on Lantau island. They are generally not aggressive and will slowly move away 🙂. Keep an eye when passing a buffalo who shares the trail with you.

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