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Charity Bibs

UTMB® Cares

Make a difference with UTMB® Cares.

10 bibs for each distance are now available for runners who wish to support causes related to solidarity, health, inclusion, or the environment by making a donation through UTMB® Cares, allowing the collection of funds. For the runner, this is an opportunity to become an ambassador for the cause they wish to support.

Registrations for charity bibs for TransLantau by UTMB® are now open for all races. At least 75% of the total amount raised will go to the selected charity, with the rest being used to support the global programmes of the UTMB® Cares Foundation in the rest of the world.

Find out more on the chosen association below.

UTMB® Cares
Discover the Organisation:

Discover the Organisation:

HKNPIS's mission is to champion equal participation for disabled individuals, fostering inclusivity and altruism in society. Encouraging enthusiastic involvement in sports, education, arts, and assistive technology, they advocate collaboration between government, business, and the public for universal accessibility. Their goal: an inclusive society where everyone contributes equally.

Fearless Dragon, phonetically resembling "blind" and "deaf" in Cantonese, comprises individuals with visual and hearing impairments united in distance running. They advocate inclusive running, mutual support, and tolerance, actively participate in charity events while fostering self-improvement alongside societal contribution. Supported by public donations, their endeavors extend to hiking and trail running promoting physical and mental well-being and challenging stereotypes.

Dontion and Registration Process

Get a Charity Bib, fundraise for an important cause and guarantee your place in TransLantau by UTMB® 2024!

  1. Make your donation.

  2. Once your donation has been confirmed, we will send you an e-mail invitation to complete your race registration.

*Note: The donation and registration fees are separate.