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UTMB Index

What is UTMB Index

Assessing the performance level of each trail runner, the UTMB Index is calculated for each of the 4 UTMB World Series race categories: 20K,50K,100k and 100M. Trail runners are also given a General UTMB Index calculated by combining results from all race categories.

Mandatory to enter the UTMB Mont-Blanc lottery, a valid UTMB Index is achieved by completing at least one race of the UTMB World Series or a UTMB Index race in the relevant category within the previous 24 months.

UTMB Index Races

Finishing a UTMB Index race will contribute towards your UTMB Index. However, it will not provide Running Stones which are mandatory to enter the UTMB Mont-Blanc lottery for the World Series Finals.

UTMB Index Races


What is UTMB Index?

The UTMB index is a formula developed by the UTMB World Series designed to assess the performance level of trail runners globally, based on their results from taking part in UTMB World Series events and UTMB Index races.

View it here: UTMB Index.

What do I need a UTMB Index for?

  1. To receive 48 hours priority entry to all UTMB World Series non-lottery events.
  2. Holding a valid UTMB Index is mandatory to enter the UTMB World Series Finals lottery (UTMB, CCC and OCC races at UTMB Mont-Blanc).

How do I know if I have a valid UTMB Index?

If you have completed a UTMB World Series event or a UTMB Index race (there’s over 4,000 worldwide) in the past two years, you will have a valid UTMB Index.

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How do I know if a race I did is a UTMB Index race?

View the list of UTMB Index races here: UTMB Index races

I have completed UTMB Index races, but my results are not showing:

There are two main reasons why your results may not show:

  1. Your race is not a UTMB World Series Event and/or UTMB Index race. Please check the race calendar to see if it is registered as a UTMB Index race. If the race does not feature in the list then you will need to contact the race organiser and ask them to register as a UTMB Index race. This is free for event organizers to do and only takes a few minutes on
  2. If the race is a UTMB World Series Event and/or UTMB Index race but no results are published,it is because we have not yet received the results from the race organizer. We will publish the results as soon as we receive them.
  3. There might be a different spelling that prevents the system to attach your result to your profile. Use the tool ‘Claim your results’ to have your UTMB Index updated. We are checking the requests daily.

If the results are uploaded and your result has not been attached to your profile, there is an error in the information provided in your result. This has resulted in a new profile being created or the result being allocated to another runner. Possible reasons include an error in the spelling of your name / date of birth / nationality. If this is the case, please contact us by email at, providing as much information as possible to help us resolve the issue.